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March 10, 2018  

Final Fantasy 6.


Final Fantasy 3.


We gush. Oh how we gush about the greatest of all Final Fantasies. The most Final of Fantasies. The sexiest of sixes. The Vee-Eyes of VIs. WillyBeans most favorite game of all time.


Also this episode: Beans is getting ready to DM some Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. DocBrown wants to know why people are incapable of being critical of the games they enjoy.



Final Fantasy VI - Edgar and Sabin's Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Techno De Chocobo
Final Fantasy Tactics - The Pervert ~ Lucavi Demon Battle Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Omen (Opening Theme)
Final Fantasy VI - The Mines of Narshe
Final Fantasy VI - Awakening
Final Fantasy VI - Locke's Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Celes' Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Terra's Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Kefka
Final Fantasy VI - The Decisive Battle
Final Fantasy VI - Overture
Final Fantasy VI - Aria di Mezzo Carattere
Final Fantasy VI - Battle
Final Fantasy VI - Esper World
Final Fantasy VI - The Gestahl Empire
Final Fantasy VI - The Dark World
Final Fantasy VI - Magitek Research Facility
Final Fantasy VI - Shadow's Theme
Final Fantasy VI - Dancing Mad
Final Fantasy VI - Mog's Theme
Final Fantasy VI - The Airship Blackjack
Final Fantasy VI - Balance Is Restored

Thanks so much to our Twitter followers for excellent episode topic suggestions: @zeroarcane, @BradlyHalestorm, @nightdreamer, @jscarpe, @FinalMacstorm

February 20, 2018  

Video Games Criticism -- Fans and Journalists.

In the tradition of an older (but still beautiful) podcast once put together by DocBrown and WillyBeans, the duo take on the current state of video games criticism. We talk the highs, we talk the lows. Are people overly positive? Overly negative? Does copyediting even matter? Does copyediting even mater? Is there any useful information to be gleaned from websites anymore, or are they all just trying bending over backwards for the coveted click?

And....Twitter, guys. What up with that?

Also this episode: WillyBeans needs your help to keep him from spending money on crap he doesn't need. DocBrown talks about spending some quality time with a propa PC gaming machine.

SimCity (SNES) - Bad Job Mayor!
Shaq Fu (SNES) - Title Music
Arcana - Conflict
Lufia and The Fortress of Doom - The Earth
Donkey Kong Country - Bonus Win/World Complete
Demon's Crest - Memorial Of The Fallen Ones
Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest - Final Boss
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy Kong's Quest - Mining Melancholy
Star Fox - Corneria Theme
Mark Davis' The Fishing Master - Summer
Addams Family - Wonderfully Gloomy Atmosphere

Thanks to all of our Twitter friends for comments and ideas: @jscarpe, @nightdreamer, @Jeremy_LaMont, @FinalMacstorm! Doc would like to apologize for omitting the name associated with the first Twitter comment read, it was @jscarpe, of course.

February 13, 2018  

Gabriel Knight II

Let's face it, The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery was a damn good game. It still is a damn good game. DocBrown and WillyBeans deep dive on this important milestone in the history of story telling in videogames. Do you need to already know about this game to enjoy this episode? We don't think so (but it really is a bit of a love-in). Canis Lupis Lupis. 

Also this episode: WillyBeans laments never playing the next game at the very top of his backlog. DocBrown describes one of the most mathematically intensive tabletop roleplaying games ever devised.

Are you the schattenjager now, or are you not?

Music this episode:
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - Blues for Dedda
4 Sick Metal Licks (
The Black Mages - Clash On The Big Bridge (FFV)
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - Main Theme / Prologue
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - Opening Chapter 1
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - Grace
Phantasmagoria 2 - Curtis' Apartment
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - Chase
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - The Farm
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - The Hunt Club
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - Transformation Aria
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - Aria to the Moon
Gabriel Knight : The Beast Within - Happy Minstrels

December 19, 2017  

Hidden Gems.

Sure, you've played ALL the hits. Sure, you have a gigantic backlog of EVEN MORE hits that you haven't played (and probably never will). But we know you, we know you'll never be satisfied until you own every single game that suggests even the slightest chance that you might possibly enjoy it. So join us as we reach back through videogames history to dig up some truly unique and fascinating games that DESERVE your attention. We promise, you will adore adding each and every one of these hidden gems to your backlog.

Other topics this episode: WillyBeans gives you the greatest lifehack to getting the absolute best videogame reviews, and DocBrown proclaims the Switch to be one of the best console launches in modern game history.

TRIGGER WARNING: From 1:33:00 mark we have a serious discussion about Super Columbine Massacre RPG, a game that attempts to tackle the events of the Columbine high school shooting. This is a serious conversation that we believe is handled with appropriate respect and thoughtfulness, however, we understand that some of our listeners may not want to hear a discussion of this nature on their videogames podcasts.


Bejeweled 2 OST - Complete Soundtrack
Jem and the Holograms - Opening Theme
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST 05. Incoming! (Boss Battle 1)
Actraiser - Opening Theme
Dragon's Crown - Memories to be Told
Two Worlds II - Theme
Record Of Lodoss War (Dreamcast) - Boss Battle
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines - Mission Impossible
Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land - Lonely with Loneliness
Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim - Zemeth Sanctum
Half-Minute Hero - The Hero Arrives!
Wild Guns - Carson City
Sakkura Wars: So long, My Love - What?!
Crusader: No Remorse - The Traveler
Crusader: No Remorse - Dimension 2012
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door - Intro Story

Totally, constantly, as super-always thanks to our Twitter friends for suggesting great hidden gems: @jscarpe, @FinalMacstorm, @Thiefofhearts, and @nightdreamer!


November 15, 2017  

Gaming 180s

One day, WillyBeans played The Last Guardian and absolutely despised it. Another day, WillyBeans played The Last Guaridan and absolutely loved it. Now, DocBrown and Beans are determined to get to the bottom of this strange gaming phenomena -- the 180. Loving games you used to hate, hating games you used to love, and trying to make yourself love a game that everyone else does (and, boy, have we tried!)

Also this episode: Beans hopes for brighter things in Telltale's future, and Doc begins a vacation away from videogames.


Star Trek: The Original Series Soundtrack - Prime Specimen
The Walking Dead Season 2: Episode 2 - Credits
Demon's Souls - Maiden Astraea
Darkest Dungeon OST - House of Ruin
DANGANRONPA: Class Trial (Dawn Edition)
Streets of Rage - Introduction
Tenchu Stealth Assassins - Addua (Opening Theme)
Super Meat Boy - Forest Funk (Ch 1: Forest Light World)
Rocket League Dropshot Soundtrack - Hollywood Principle - Spell (Sando Remix)
Benny Hill Theme
GTA San Andreas - Main Theme
Chrono Cross - Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World
Final Fantasy X - Spira Scenery
Monster Hunter - Main Theme
Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja OST - Snake Hole

As always, thanks to our Twitter friends for suggesting episode topics! @phazonmasher @jscarpe @nightdreamer @finalmacstorm

October 25, 2017  

Horrible Game Memories.

Rather than revisit the jump scares of dogs breaking through windows in Resident Evil, this Halloween Doc and Beans talk about some of the most truly horrifying moments in their own personal gaming history. These ghoulish topics include renting a game that looked absolutely amazing and turned out to be absolutely not amazing, regrettable incredibly expensive game/console purchases, suffering through awkward cutscenes in front of loved ones, and the jump scares of dogs breaking through windows in Resident Evil. Boo!

Also this episode: Beans talks a bit about Gran Turismo Sport (which he incorrectly calls Gran Turismo 6), while Doc talks about the role of rolling random numbers in gaming.


The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Great Fairy's Fountain
Castlevania 2 - Bloody Tears
Feel the Magic XY/XX - Main Menu
Target Renegade - [Unknown track]
Dead or Alive 5 - Gotta Move On
What Remains of Edith Finch - Edith's Theme (2017)
Super Mario Kart - Bowser's Castle
Vampire: Master of Darkness Music (SMS/Game Gear) - Thames River
Zelda II : The Adventure of Link - Palace
Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone

As always, WillyBeans and DocBrown want to thank our listeners for participating: @FinalMacStorm, @felipepepe, @broodwars64, @jscarpe and everyone else who inspired topics for this episode!

DocBrown would also like to issue the following correction - the turd that is Target: Renegade is only kinda tangentially related to the Kunio-Kun series ( It has a really cool soundtrack, though.

October 7, 2017  

Sierra On-Line.

Look, we get it: over the years you've listened to countless podcasts, read countless articles, and heard countless stories about how great Sierra On-Line was back in the 80s and 90s. 

Too bad. You're going to hear it again.

Wait! Come back! We promise to not just talk about the adventure games! (But we ARE going to talk about the adventure games)

We dig into all the things that made this company incredibly special. We talk about the people, the culture, the games, the nostalgia -- and we don't even mention the cat hair moustache puzzles!


Also: Beans asks Doc to explain 'what is Ys' and 'why should I care about Ys?'



Freddy Pharkas - Frontier Pharmacist - Sierra Fanfare
King's Quest VI - Opening Movie and Introduction
King's Quest II (VGA) - Death Theme -- Standard 1 Humerous
Space Quest III: The Pirates of Pestulon - Intro
Betrayal at Krondor - Theme + Intro
Quest for Glory IV - Intro
Phantasmagoria - Consumite Furore (Main Theme)
Rise of the Dragon (Sega CD) - Opening + Intro
Jones in the Fast Lane - Main Theme
A-10 Tank Killer - Main theme + various
Police Quest 3 - Main Theme
King's Quest VI - Girl in the Tower
The Island of Dr. Brain - Main Theme
The Incredible Machine - various
The Adventures of Willy Beamish (SEGA CD) - Intro Theme
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (remake) - Intro
Thexder - Main Theme

As always WillyBeans and DocBrown thank our listeners for questions and topic suggestions: @FinalMacStorm, @TimSpaethV2, @ThiefofHearts, @JeremyLamont, @jscarpe!

September 21, 2017  

Final Fantasy XIII

Against all odds, despite all of the roadblocks, in defiance of all the prophecies, we talk about Final Fantasy XIII for a couple of hours. For one of the hosts, it is a glorious, glorious time. For the other host, it is something he'll never have to talk about ever, ever again. Probably.


They said that such a topic could never be discussed on our show. 

But we did it.

They tried to silence us.

But we would not be silenced.

They tried other dramatic stuff, too.

You could say, that not even fate could stand in our way.


Also: Beans backpedals from his initial hate-on for the Secret of Mana remake, and Doc's got a bone to pick with misplaced accents.


Final Fantasy XIII - Promised Eternity
The More You Know Theme
Final Fantasy XIII - The Promise
Final Fantasy XIII - Defiers Of Fate
Final Fantasy XIII - Snow's Theme
Final Fantasy XIII - Lake Bresha
Final Fantasy XIII - Sazh's Theme
Final Fantasy XIII - Saber's Edge
Final Fantasy XIII - Fighting Fate
Final Fantasy XIII - Fang's Theme
Final Fantasy XIII - Vanille's Theme
Final Fantasy XIII - Chocobos Of Cocoon~Chasing Dreams
Final Fantasy XIII - Test Of The L'Cie
Final Fantasy XIII - Nascent Requiem
WillyBeans and DocBrown would like to thank @nightdreamer, @FinalMacstorm, @GreatCharleston, @Jeremy_LaMont, @jscarpe, and @horrorgeek for great discussion topics!
September 9, 2017  
What do you get when you put Luke Skywalker in Top Gun? Beats us! But who cares? We've got more important thing to worry about! This week we're talking about Wing Commander!!! The whole series. Even some of the weird ones! We start from its very humble beginnings as a pretty cool story-driven space shooter, to an absolutely insane multimillion dollar video game production boasting some of the most exciting story telling of its time, and finally concluding with its swan song as an absolutely insane multimiillion dollar movie production boasting some of the most boring and cliched story telling of its time!
Chalk another one up for the Maniac!
Also on tap this episode: DocBrown gets himself some Playstation VR, while Beans gets himself some grade A cynacism about a Secret of Mana remake.
Finally, the answers can be revealed to the greatest of all questions:
Help him out?
Straighten him out.
Huey Lewis & the News - The Power of Love
Flashdance - She's A Maniac
Kid Rock - Bawitdaba
Wing Commander (FM Towns) - Intro Theme
Wing Commander (FM Towns) - Scramble Through Launch / Medium Damage Assessment / Flying to Dogfight
Wing Commander II (PC) - Combat 1
Wing Commander III (PSX) - Strike
Wing Commander III (PSX) - Patrol
Wing Commander IV (PC) - Inflight Music 1
Wing Commander IV (PC) - Intense Combat Music 2
Wing Commander IV (PC) - Inflight Music 6
Wing Commander Prophecy (PC) - Simulator 3
Wing Commander Prophecy (PC) - Simulator 5
Wing Commander: Privateer - Mining Base
Wing Commander (SNES) - Rec Room
Wing Commander II (FM Towns) - Cloak and Dagger
Doc and Beans would like to thank @jscarpe for his awesome email full of Wing Commander thoughts and trivia that formed the basis for much of the discussion during this episode.
September 2, 2017  
DocBrown doubles down on his promises to stop playing games he doesn't enjoy while Beans doubles down on his promises to keep unapologetically killing Nazis -- BLAH! BLAH! BLAH!!! GUYS IT'S TIME TO TALK ABOUT VR!111(*@Y@
Seriously. Beans has been dying for VR to be realized ever since...well...ever! Finally. Finally! The time is now. FINALLY!
Doc talks Virtual Reality after a solid month of using the HTC Vive, while Beans talks Virtual Reality after a solid month of using Playstation VR. We cover the differences in the hardware, the unique games, the common games, the physical injuries sustained, the vomiting. THE VR.
Because we are.
We. Are.
We are VR Troopers.
Music This Episode:
Costa del Sol - Final Fantasy VII Music Extended
Batman Arkham VR - Credits Music
Super Castlevania IV - Stage 3 The Cave (3-1)
Ninja Gaiden (NES) - Act 4 Part 2
Batman: Arkham Asylum - Whisky Trail
Resident Evil 7 - Go Tell Aunt Rhody
Contra III: The Alien Wars - Stage 01
Oddworld Stranger's Wrath - Another Day, Another Fight
Until Dawn - 'O Death' Theme
Resident Evil 7 - Saferoom
Sunset Riders (SNES) - Sunset Riders / Character Select
Super Hot - Main Menu
DocBrown apologizes for his error regarding Batman: Arkham VR - that is a terrible Kevin Conroy performance.
Beans would also like to apologize for Kevin Conroy's performance.

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